Predictably Irrational

People aren’t rational, but they are predictable. This is important because your organisation is made up of people, and your customers are people too. Our expert Psychologists understand what drives behaviour and what you can do to ensure that staff and customers are all working towards your goals.


Most organisations have good information on their internal processes. However it is often more difficult to see the organisation as your customers see it. Our Outside-In approach utilises credible analysis to provide you with a clear understanding of where your strengths lie and what needs to change.

Going deeper

We go beyond understanding the surface level of your customers. Our unique psychological approach means that we can provide a deeper level of insight, providing you with information about the underlying needs of your customers, and how you can meet these to drive the success of your business.

Service Basics

One of the key principles is to get the basics right. These basics of customer service are common across most businesses and industries. Failure to get these right will put your customers straight off. Customer Psychology provides clear information on how well you are fulfilling the basics of customer service and what you can do to ensure that you are easy to do business with.

Service Brand

Just getting the basics right isn’t enough to build loyal customers. You also need to set your service apart from your competition. If you are able to fulfil customers’ underlying psychological needs, then you will delight them and keep them coming back. Customer Psychology can help you to understand the current service brand that you project to customers and what you can do to create the brand that you are looking for.